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    Tascam DP-32
    I just want to let everyone know how pleased I am with Phil Tipping's Step-By-Step Guide for the Tascam DP-24/32 and DP 24sd/32sd. After watching his videos on YouTube (which are also very informative) I decided to buy the guide, which was about $32 US. A little pricey I initially though, but I did it anyway because I liked his YouTube videos so much. Wow! So glad I got it! There was so much about my machine I didn't know. Phil's Step-By-Step Guide (about 95 pages) is filled with everything you would ever need to know about the Tascam DP and the information is also very well organized. I have been using the DP-32 for about three years and I have learned so much in the last two days after purchasing the Guide, not only about my machine but also about the process of recording. Phil gives recording tips and suggestions, as well as, a very in-depth "how to" guide to get the most out of the Tascam DP. If your using the Tascam DP, Phil's Step-By-Step Guide is a must and well worth the money. Once you watch his YouTube videos, Phil's vast knowledge of recording with the DP (and in general) and years of experience are instantly obvious and this expertise is carried over and encapsulated in the Step-By-Step Guide. A "Must Have" for serious DP users. Thanks Phil!

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