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Jan 6, 2014
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I am new to the dp-24 and now have a handful of songs mastered and ready to burn. When I put them on a disc, though, the volume is VERY low. It all sounded great on the dp-24 but when I moved the CD to another player, I had to crank the volume up 100% just to hear it. What am I doing wrong?
Wow, Rickey. I just got my new dp 24. I can't answer that yet- but that sounds troubling- to say the least. Please let me know if you get a response.
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I have mastered three songs so far. The first one had this volume issue. the second one was fine. And again I had the volume issue on the third one. I will be looking at levels like a hawk as I record my next song. As I read forums, I see this issue pop up for several people. One of the things they mentioned as a quick fix is downloading Audacity (which is free) to your pc and running your tracks throught that for final mastering. I am seriously thinking about giving that a try.
Hi also a new guy here just received the DP24 today and have been playing with it all evening. I have copied tracks into Audio depot that I had in my DAW and mastered 4 songs just to see how they turned out and they were fine. I dont know if it helps you but once I had my levels eq and efx pan etc sorted out on each track I set the in mark and out mark for the beginning and end of the song then switched on mixdown master and recorded them down to master 2 track rewound clicked on the home screen pressed master until it showed solid red and loaded up the mastering EQ and comp and set these as desired then on the same screen press F4 this will normalize the master which will automatically maximize the wave forms on your master stereo track.

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