DP-24 channel Mute button won't turn off


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Oct 23, 2013
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Hi Everybody, new member with a first question. I have the DP-24, and I've been using it for almost a year... done several songs, I'm pretty familiar with it. Now the problem:
I was working on a mix tonight, and had several channels muted. After I unmuted each individual channel and turned off the master mute button, the "indicator" light (that indicates channel mutes or solos) on channel 10 stayed lit. The track will not sound, though the recorded data is still there judging by the meter, and also by the fact I was able to clone that info (bass guitar) to an empty track and verify I still had uncorrupted data. It is only on channel 10 on that specific song where it has this problem. I tried loading a different song from the same card and channel 10 functions correctly. The record light for channel 10 also will not light on the affected song. I hit the "solo" button and the light on channel 10 turned off, but depressing the button while in solo mode does not let the track sound, and the light will not come on to indicate it is soloing. I'm hoping I can get this working correctly, this is a track-heavy song and I need every available track. Any ideas? I'm thinking the mute assignment for that track on that song somehow became corrupted on the SD card. If I save the tracks to computer and reload onto a new card do you think it will fix the problem? Is there a way to somehow initialize the card without wiping recorded data? I did try initializing the recorder (no card inserted) but that did nothing.
Thanks in advance!
Hmm, no ideas from anyone? Is this a new problem that nobody has ever heard of?
I have never had that problem before, but I may have a fix for you.

First duplicate your song. Either in the song list or in the home screen click on or go to save and change the name. That will duplicate the song, just in case something goes wrong. Then, create a new song. Next, connect your recorder or SD card to a computer and replace the "song.sys" file in the copy you just made with the new song you just created. That should reset all of your mutes and marks without changing your tracks. You will want to delete the new song you took the song.sys file from when you're done.

If that doesn't work, then it's probably a different file that's corrupted.
The only other thing I can think of would be to copy all of the audio files to the AudioDepot folder and import them into a new song.
Did anyone find a solution. My gut tells me this is bad switch.
Similar problem, I have a tascam DP 02CF porta studio. I have just muted a couple of tracks, but now i can't un mute them. It seems that the shift key has stopped working. Is there any solution?
Try spraying some DeOxit in it
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Had this last night! Held down the button for a couple of seconds and it turned off! (Dp24)
Not unusual at all. This happens to most gear of this type. Clean it with DeOxit. Spray while off, work it in by wiggling and repeatedly pressing the button for 30 seconds. You may want to make sure you cover your unit when not in use. Dust and oxidation will cause this issue.
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