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Jun 12, 2013
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DP - 24
I am new DP-24 owner and can get the send effect on the guitar effects to work only. Without the guitar effects on, the reverb, chorus and delay send effect will not work.

Any ideas?

Clueless George :?:

You may have sorted this by now, but here is my take on it. The SEND effect needs to be enabled from the MIXER and only signals via EFF1 are routed to the SEND effect.

Lets say you want to add delay to track 8 during playback.

- Press the MIXER button.
- Press the track 8 SELECT button.
- Use the cursor buttons to move down to the green SEND area and select the box to the right of the EFF1 level control.
- Use the jog data wheel to select PRE. This routes the channel 8 full output to EFF1.
- Use the SEND EFF1 knob to set the send level - say 70.
- Use the SEND MASTER1 knob to set the overall send level - say 80.
- Now press the EFFECT button and press F1 (if necessary) to get to the SEND effects.
- Press F3 until the DELAY screen is shown. Ensure it is ON (Press F4 if not).
- Slide all channel faders to minimum so you only hear the return from the EFF1 effect. Make sure the F/B and RETURN levels are turned up (say 90) to ensure there is a signal routed to the Stereo bus. Also, ensure the MONITOR is set to STEREO (and not BOUNCE, EFFECT SEND 1 or EFFECT SEND 2). You won't hear the effect return if not set to Stereo.
- Once you hear the effect being routed slide channel 8 fader up to mix the raw and effect together.

Hope that helps

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