DP-24 midi sync with BFD Eco??


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Jan 31, 2013
Charlotte, NC
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Hi Everyone,
I am using a DP-24 and I want to sync it with BFD eco for my drum parts in a way that I can layer tracks so I can have my kick, snare and cymbals on different tracks instead of just importing a stereo Wav file into the DP-24. BFD is supposed to slave to MTC and the DP-24 generates it so I should be able to control the transport on the software when I fire up the DP-24, right? Wrong. The DP-24 appears to be sending MTC but there's no response from the BFD. Has anyone tried this or other approach successfully? Is anyone synchronizing standalone VST's with a DP-24 or 2488? Thanks!
Try changing the Tascam to "clock" - it works for me when sending midi to my drum machine. Worth a shot...

Thanks Zeekle! It turned out my m-audio midiport was the culprit...I changed cables and it worked. You were right though, it syncs with clock and not mtc.


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