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Apr 11, 2013
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Hi All New to the DP-24/32 machines and a simple question : I would like to use my Lexicon effect unit through the sends on my DP-32 but having already recorded the signal in stereo there seems no point in sending down a mono version only to re-stereoize it on the way back in. So..... should I record my synths and guitars in mono and having returned them in stereo play around with the effects ? Or am I better off recording in stereo and leaving the sends alone. I have read about lag time issues with the sends on these machines too. Thanks
And nobody has ever helped him with this little question ?
Well, he hasn't been back to the forum in over 8 years. He popped in back then, asked a fairly generic production question not related really in any specific way to only the portastudios, and then soon disappeared.

In 2013 the DP-24/32 portastudio was very new to the market place.

Perhaps no 2488 or DP-24/32 portastudio owners active on this forum at that time had any useful information to share.

Perhaps had he posted in the Recording 101 area of the forum some generic advice might have been forthcoming from the broader forum membership.

Can't speak to such things so far in the past. Way before my time.

But today, in this area of the forum, we'd acknowedge him, telling him that "it depends" on his production goals; that the current firmware does not suffer from time lag issues of any significance worth mentioning; and refer him to the pinned sticky threads, where he'd discover ways to connect outboard gear, and numerous creative ways to use internal and external FX in the production process.;)
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And nobody has ever helped him with this little question ?
firstly welcome, how do you know it wasn't settled on another thread? or via a pm?

anyhow, it was 8 years ago, if it was urgent he would've asked again methinks lol
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I'm sure he just didn't notice the date on the OP.
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