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Jul 17, 2014
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OK - so I've had my DP32 for a little while now and have made a few notes. I don't know if Tascam are reachable for suggestions but I thought I'd see if anyone here has any similar thoughts.
It does seem that there is not much interest in these machines on this forum but here goes anyway......

There are several glaring omissions in the operation of the machine in my opinion. One is that I don't seem able to name tracks. I can name songs but not tracks within those songs. When I'm mixing stuff it would be so handy to be able to tell from the edit window what I was editing (rather than just 'Track 1'). I'm sure this would be a simple software patch and easily implemented.
I seem to be able to set track levels over midi (although not actually move the fader of course) so why can't they be saved with the song data?
The solo function would be more useful if it worked the same way as the mute function. i.e. Press the solo button and nothing happens until you push the 'record' button (which doubles as a mute/solo selector). What actually happens is that as soon as you push the solo button complete silence descends until you select which track you want to solo.
Also the ability to use 'send 2' to send to a second internal effect (e.g. Delay) would save much patching and, again, would be a simple software upgrade. Although I don't know if there is enough processing power available I can't believe that in this day and age that would be a problem.

On the hardware side - HDMI output would be fantastic to use an external monitor although I realise this would be a major enhancement. Perhaps a chargeable upgrade?

I must admit that I'm still learning and it may be that I find ways round these things. On a positive note the machine has performed flawlessly and sounds fantastic.

Any thoughts?

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