DP-32 send effects not sounding


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Dec 30, 2013
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Since I started recording on the DP-32, I've only heard the Send Effects work once, on an early recording I was doing just to become familiar with the unit. Since then, I have found no method of getting them to sound at all. Turning the return up to 127 and maxing out all the other send knobs (and having the proper channel select button activated) does not produce any effect. I occasionally get the screen that tells me to turn effects off on other tracks, but checking them manually shows that they are not on anywhere. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
You will need to press the Effects button and make sure the effect is on but also the return knob on the lower right is full up to 127. Then go back to the mixer screen and ensure master 1 is full up to 127 and adjust effects 1 to taste.

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