DP02-CF Erased Tracks - Help !!


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Aug 14, 2013
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tascam dp02 - cf

I own a Tascam DP02 CF and spent a few hours recording a track tonight only to find that having played back several times previously nothing happened on this occasion. the clock counted ok but none of the tracks contained music anymore. Previous tunes that I had recorded were still ok on the card but not the new tracks. the recorder did not seem to think that it had stopped playing and forced me to power off by pulling plug. Does anyone know if this recording is gone for good or is there a way of recovering ? Many thanks
I have the DP03.Maybe they are similar.Here's what I do:
got to menu
got to song
click on F4 which is the right hand button under the screen.
click on load.
scroll through until you find a song with *,thats the song.
then click on EXEC (F2 button under screen).
then go back to home.

This should play your song you recorded.If thats what it does,then do this:
push menu
push song
scroll to Save.
click on F4 arrow.
press F2.
Take it from there.
You can copy the song,store it to back up.
You should also be able download a copy of your owners handbook.

I dont know if the DP02 and the DP03 are similar units.I hope this might be what you're looking for.I'm learning the DP03.Bought it a few weeks ago.

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