DP03:just a few ideas for recording to cd.


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Aug 7, 2013
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DP-03 digital recorder
I bought a new Tascam DP03 about 3 weeks ago.Its a diffilcult machine to use compared to its simplest sibling the Tascam 414 mk11 cassette 4 track recorder.

I've been trying to experiment getting recordings off DP03 to computer direct without going through the process of master track,etc.Here's what I did:
I create a new song
I recorded my various songs off stage piano and mic direct to DP03.
I saved songs,edited names of songs.I dont protect them.
I back up songs I want,I follow procedure as per hand book
I follow procedure to export.
at this point I dont know what songs are in the export file.
I connect usb to DP03 and computer.
I open files and transfer mono files usually marked as :
Then I convert them using audacity by importing both mono WAV files then adding a stereo file to them
then export the file which is now a stereo recording file.
Add them to a computer file.
Use a free cd burner software like CDBurnerXP,add files now titled:
All stereo recordings will have the same name.
burn the lot to cd.

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