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Nov 12, 2013
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I have had my Tascam for about 6 months now, but am only getting round to using the effects recently as I tend to record, put it into Audio depot then transfer it to my computer via sd card for final mixing with Audacity.
I have found that if I record a track, then add an equaliser effect via the mixer screen, turn it on and adjust the equaliser it sounds great. I then highlight 'insert effect', then transfer the track to Audio depot, but the effect does not transfer through, only the basic track! Very frustrating!
Is there anyone out there that can help please, as I don't seem to get any response when I write to Tascam.
Thanks, Brownie
Hi Brownie,

The effects in the DP-24 will only affect the sound of a recorded track during playback. If you want the effect to be written to a track, then you will need to bounce that track to another track and record the effect with it.

Think of the DP-24 as if it's a tape recorder and the built-in effects are the same as an external effects processor that is connected to an effects loop or an insert. When you mix the effects with the recorded audio and/or inputs, it plays through the monitors but does not change the recorded tracks. The equalizer works the same way. When you switch to mixdown mode, the effects are recorded with the mix to two tracks the same as if you connected the recorder to a two track recorder. It's like having a three or four component system in one box.

You can add effects to one track at a time by adding an insert effect and bouncing it to another track. The insert effects are listed as "Guitar effects" in the effects menu. You will have to assign the effect you want either to the track you want to edit or to the target track. In bounce mode, select the target track, then the source track. Adjust your source track level and record the track.
I'm sure I have left something out since I don't have my machine right in front of me, but it should get you on the right track.

How is Audacity working for you? I've been using it for editing single tracks, but I haven't tried using it for mixing.
Thanks Tony, Sounds like good advice to me. I'm getting near the end of a song. (Been tailoring it on Audacity and need to add better vocals). Will transfer it to dp24, add effects, bounce it to a stereo track, see what it sounds like, then final check on Audacity. If you're interested I can send you it when I've finished direct via mp3 to see what you think. I would also be interested in listening to any recordings that you have made,swapping advice etc.
I like Audacity and find it quite easy to do a final mix. Guess it's what I've been used to in the past. If I can give you any advice about Audacity, I will gladly, but judging by your reply I doubt if I can give you any!
Out of interest, where are you from? I live in Spain, but I am English.
Thanks again for the advice, Derek
Hi Derek, I would be glad to listen to what you have. I don't have anything worth listening to just yet. I've had my recorder for only about 2 months, and so far I've only recorded my band in a live setting for the sole purpose of learning this machine and mic experimentation. But, I have spent around 250 hours working with this recorder and I feel like I'm getting to be pretty competent with it. I hope to start doing some serious recording with it in the next month or two.

As far as Audacity, I used to use it quite a bit, when it was new, to change the pitch and speed of songs that I needed to learn, but I just started using it as an editing tool last week. I can tell it's going to be pretty useful, but I have a lot to learn with that type of format. I'm used to analog systems with lots of knobs and patch cables. I may need some advice.

Anyway, if there is anything I can help you with on that DP-24, let me know. If it's something I don't know, then I'll try and figure it out, and then we'll both know.
Oh, and I'm in Mississippi, USA.


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