DR-05X not recognised by MacOS

Discussion in 'Handheld and Field Recorders' started by Susan S, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Susan S

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    Feb 2020
    Tascam dr-05x
    I recently got a new Tascam dr-05x. Yesterday I tried to plug it to my MacBook Pro as the audio interface but my MacOS failed to detect the device (nothing found with the corresponding USB port, nor in the system audio setting). My system is Majova and I used a micro-USB to USB cable so there shouldn’t be any adapter issue. I did exactly what the user manual said and the device screen did turn to the audio I/F after executing the connect function. I also tried on one of my friends’ MacBook Pro which was in Catalina, but the same issue also occurred. I’m not sure whether this is a defect of the device. So far the stand alone recording of the device with mic output works fine. Did anyone have a similar issue before so that can give me some advice?
    Thanks in advance.