DR-07 Card Format?


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Apr 8, 2014
Houghton Lake, Michigan
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Great little recorder. How long should a full format take? I've got a SanDisk 16gb micro sdhc card that when I try to full format seems to take forever? I gave up and pulled the batteries after about a half hour. When I do a quick format it shows that I only have a little over two hours of recording time (just like the two gb card that came with it). Do I have to do a full format in order for the recorder to recognize the whole card?

Thanx in advance!
How does one even get the DR-07 to recognize an SD card bigger than 2GB? I have have latest firmware but cannot get the DR-07 to recognize anything but a 2GB card. I have a Transcend 32GB SD card, but when I attempt to increase the recognized storage in the settings it remains at 2GB. Does that mean, as you state above, that although the storage is showing 2GB, it will record more, but in 2GB block? Thanks.

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