Dr-100 - low volume audio files


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Oct 22, 2013
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Just got the Dr-100mkII. No matter how I record, the files I transfer to my computer have low volume. The waveforms are tiny in audio editors and have to be boosted by 20db or more. Happens in both Audacity & Goldwave editors. I’ve recorded with on-board mics and external mics, with gain set at low and medium, at 16 & 24 bit. The record levels have always been set appropriately. The playback from the unit is fine using headphones. It’s just the transferred files that are very low. This never happened with my previous handhelds. Any suggestions would be appreciated
I've been trying to resolve the same issue for a while now. I didn't see this when I was using the DR-07 (same computers, software etc. as now). I haven't, so far, seen a solution or explanation that works.

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