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Nov 26, 2013
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Hey everyone,
I'm currently using a DR-40 unit to record audio and it's completely awesome and easy to use. I just have one question though. I'm using 2 Shure SM58 mice plugged into the base of the unit, one mic in each EXT MIC socket. When playing back the audio through headphones, I'm receiving sound from the left mic through my left ear and the right mic sound comes through the right ear. I'm then importing the recording into Final Cut Pro and changing the sound to Dual Mono so the sounds come out evenly through each speaker.

My question is, what do I need to change prior to recording so the sound comes out through both L/R speakers at the same time?

Is someone able to assist me please? I'm hoping that it's just a simple setting that I haven't come across yet and I can't find in the manual. Thanks in advance! :)

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