DR-60DMKII TRS inputs not working


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Apr 6, 2024
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I have just purchased the DR-60DMKII,

I have two rode shotgun mics connected to the TRS inputs of Channel 1 & 2, I have the selector to “line” on both channels.

No audio on the channels.

I have confirmed the mics work, connected to the 3.5mm TRS input of channel 3/4 the audio is present.

I have confirmed with an XLR mic that the channels 1 & 2 both work.

Can anyone think of a reason the TRS inputs won’t be picking up any audio?
Welcome to the forum. First thing to do before purchasing a product is downloading the owner's manual and learn how the product works.
XLR inputs are mic-level rated (-72dB high sensitivity, high gain), while line inputs 1&2 are (guess what) line-level rated at +4dB (low sensitivity). You will be fine using XLR cables for your RODE microphones unless you have a dedicated preamplifier with +4dB nominal output level that will let you use the TRS inputs.
Note: input 3-4 is a powered input that can accept stereo microphones (high sensitivity, high gain) rated at -50dB.
I did do several days of research before I purchased, so I thought I was sorted.

The rode mics are the powered videomics, I think they have pre-amps built in but I might be wrong, they both need 9v batteries.

So should I get 3.5mm TRS to XLR adapters?
The product page states the Videomic is a battery-powered condenser microphone with TRS 3.5mm output jack; based on the connection examples in the manual I got the idea it is mic-level so it can be connected either to XLR 1-2 input (through mini-TRS to XLR adapter) or to TRS 3-4 using a L/R to stereo mini-TRS adapter (in case two microphones are in use). The RODE homepage doesn't go into much detail on connections and I'm not sure all the suggested accessories could be effectively used with the Videomic and the DR-60. Warning: if you use the XLR inputs be sure not to engage phantom power (in which case a popup confirmation request will appear on the LCD).
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Thank you so much, this has helped I will let you know what happens

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