Earthing a Tascam DP-24


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Jan 16, 2013
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Tascam DP-24
Hi, Just wondering if it would be possible to run an earth/ground wire from the earth terminal on the back of the DP-24 to the earth terminal on a uk 3-pin plug? Would this work and is there any risk of me blowing up my DP-24 or myself for that matter?


Steve (UK)
Ground is ground the world around right? At least that's what I've always been told. As long as it is a true ground and not shorted to anything it shouldn't be a problem. Personally I would test with a multi-meter first just to be sure.

if you are going to connect to mains earth then make sure the earth plug is connected before you power up your DP24. That way you avoid any sudden changes in local ground potential (in the DP24) that could cause problems.

(Also, If it was me I would be inclined to remove the live and neutral pins from the mains plug so there is no possibility of a loose wire touching the wrong pin in the future :eek: ).

Not all earthing systems are the same In the UK we use the PME system which is fine as long as you have not an external earth that you have put in yourself in a outhouse/Garage or maybe an external earth for RF if you are a Radio Amateur or listener or something if you have be careful there could be potential difference if an appliance goes wrong in your house or other houses nearby as they probably share the same PME earthing system and if you happen to touch a radiator or pipe when this happens (unlikely but worth pointing out) then there could be a lethal voltage between you and the dp24 or any other equipment if you have not installed a separate earth then using the house mains earth is fine to use. RealTime that is a very good suggestion re removing the live and neutral pins.

More information for you about PME
I have been answering this question in the Home Recording forum, but you did not ask the question the same? Why do you want to do this? If the equipment has been designed to not have a mains earth what do you need to add one?


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