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Jul 10, 2013
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how do I assign effects to seperate tracks on te 788? Not sure how to do this, I have read the manual, but does not mke sense to me. I have a live drum track, keyboard track and vocal track recorded, but wen I apply effect1 all channels seem to have the same effect on the. I have tried the send, but I seem to fail evry time! What am I doing wrong, or how do i apply effect one to single tracs? I'd like to assign effect 1 to different tracks, but with differents sounds, is this possible? Hope I explained it reasonbley well :confused: :confused:

When using the internal effects you can only have one effect and one setting of the effect at a time, you use the effect send to provide differring amounts of the effect to difffernt tracks - but you cannot, for example, have a hall reverb on track one and a plate reverb (or another effect - eg: chourus) on another track at the same time.

The work around to this is to bounce your tracks and print the effect you need.

For your drums you may want some gated verb on the snare and a bigger hall reverb on the toms. So you can just bounce the snare (with gaterd verb) to another track. Then do the same with the toms. When you do your mix you now use the tracks with the effects on them. Once you have done all this you may want some effects on your vocals - just repeat this process

Ok, thanks! So I guess another way to do it would be to have some kind of effects process while making the actual recording. But, I'll try bouncing tracks. Thanks again. :D

I posted this separately before reading this post:

I bumped into a flash movie demo on the use of effects and I found it good

I thought someone might find it useful, I hope it helps someone.

It opens in a new window when you hit enter.


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