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Oct 4, 2012
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2 SX-1 LE+ DVRA1000 CD-01U
it's probably something very simple that I'm either overlooking, not understanding or just not doing correctly, but I have a reverb unit (Lexicon MPX550) hooked up digitally to one of my SX's...the two digital I/O's on the Lexicon to the Digital I/O's 1 on the SX...I'm using the correct 75ohm s/pdif cables...the Lexicon's meters are showing that it's receiving the signal, but there's no signal coming back to the SX...the Aux Send meters are registering but not the Aux Returns...
on the Panel Routing screen I routed:
DigInL1>Aux Send1 and Aux Return1>DigiOutL1
is there some other cables I need to route or something else that needs to be done?
maybe it's something that needs to be done on the Lexicon that I'm not doing...I believe I have it set for "S/PDIF Digital"...
I've read all the posts on the "old forum" and thought I followed the instructions, but something isn't right...

I have a DM-3200 and bought a Lexicon MX400 last week. At setting up I had the same problem.

I had to turn the digital out on in the lexicon. There is a option in the system menu where you can choose digital or analog out.

Hope this helps.

Best regards
I more idea: Did you turn up the aux return channel?

Does the MX550 have a option that shows if it is sending signal out? If it is not sending signal out the problem is in the lexicon. If it is sending signal on it's digital out the problem is in the SX.

And isn't it a stereo unit?
the Aux Return is up and yes, the Lexicon is a stereo unit (and it's brand new)...when I had it hooked up via analog, it worked fine...in fact, both of my reverb units (the other is a Kurzweil Rumour) worked fine in analog...they just take up tracks when I use them analog...
do I have to route the signal any further after I do the Panel Routing screen? what's the option on the Lexicon to show it's sending out a signal?
There should be a preset called "tape saturation" I think. It was in the manual, it shows on the screen the output level.

Did you have a correct sync? Master SX to Slave MXP550 with correct sampling rate.

What else could it be? Maybe the dry/wet option? Is it muted internally maybe.
thanks for chiming in L-Y...but it was a cable problem...I bought 2 new cables at Sam Ash and didn't bother checking them on my tester :eek: ...turned out that one had a small gash in it :mad: ...I exchanged it and everything seems to be working fine now...
I'll check in again in a day or so to let you know if there are any further complications :D !!!

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