EQ'd Sidechain Compression


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Aug 11, 2014
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Context is removing snare bleed in overhead mics. The standard technique at the DAW (post recording) stage is to sidechain the snare into a compressor applied to the overhead tracks. I want to do the same at the DM4800 level during zero latency tracking. With this technique, the snare signal feeding the sidechain is typically EQ'd via LPF to remove high frequencies so that loud cymbal hits (captured in snare mic) do not trigger the compressor. DAW compression plugins typically provide an EQ section for the sidechain signal.
I am trying to do the same thing with a DM4800 but it doesn't appear that the compression module of a given channel has any functionality to EQ the signal coming from the sidechain channel. I cannot EQ the channel of the snare itself as it would kill its tone. I don't have an extra channel available otherwise I suppose I could send the original snare to an intermediate channel, EQ it then use it as the sidechain.
So trying to do this without an extra channel seems difficult but maybe someoneknows a trick?

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