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Jul 12, 2014
Do you guys know if there is a way to setup a shortcut (Like one button press) to change the chosen External Control device on the remote layer? Instead of going the the control tab, scrolling with wheel and choose one.

I want to be able to click one button that will just change the device to the next on the list. Not sure if that is possible but if it is, I would love to know. :)
You could set up a Snapshot with the alternate control settings. Caution: be sure to 'safe guard' the mixer parameters you don't want to overwrite when choosing the alternate SnapShot. You'll see those variables in the Snapshot Menu.

Then, you can assign the Snapshot select routine to a User Button for quick recall.

Thanks Dan, Is there any other way though? all my 3 user buttons are taken :/
Haven't done this in awhile, so I'm going by memory: you can do almost the same thing with the Library Key. It can be configured to invoke Snap Shot, as well as EQ/Dynamics, etc etc. Thing is, it's not going to be a single keystroke workaround. So you'd be better off sacrificing a User Key if you really need quick access.

Yea but the problem with user key is that I would need to sacrifice 2 of them if I want to go back and forth between 2 devices. Correct me if I'm wrong. And about the bank keys, they have a different assignment when on the remote layer which I use.
Hahaha. 24 Seconds is a long time when in creative mode ;)
Sounds like a new signature tag-line
And because I'm feeling generous today, you may use the line free for 12 months. Then, your account will be charged a small $89 monthly fee. You may cancel at anytime - if you're no longer a member of planet earth or drawing air. o_O

Which is my smarmy way of saying "Happy New Year!" May 2015 bring you all uninterrupted workflow, reliable firewire coms, and HUI to die for. :)

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I've never felt so "creative" that 24 seconds of applying craft felt like a hindrance. Even Mozart paused his fevered pen for a cup of wine ever so often.
Mozart didn't have to deal with technical stuff. It was all pure music. :)
Yeah, well... I'm just suggesting that we not imagine ourselves as white-hot wires channeling 'creativity' directly into smoking USB ports. I suspect there would be a lot less music but of a generally higher quality if everyone slowed down - say, for few seconds at a time - and made decisions about the work. And as far as technical considerations... Strings and woodwinds that only play in tune in certain keys or ranges, divas who can sing the line one day and can't the next, wheedling money out of highborn philistines... Hell, you'd have to work through weeks of rehearsal and politics to even hear the piece played properly once, and it still takes a "tape deck" of ninety or so musicians to play it back from the origin medium.
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I can't believe this is an issue.
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It's no an issue. Just wanted to make my workflow faster.

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