F1 -F* Modifier buttons


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Jan 25, 2013
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dm 4800
I am using the Dm4800 with cubase 5 and was programming the F1 -F8 modifier buttons on the DM in DAW remote mode, I want to use one of the buttons to open the mix window and or toggle betweeen the mix and edit windows, but I could not find the command for that, anyone have any luck with this
If F7 and F8 don't work, there should be a way to program the edit/mix screens in Cbase. If memory serves, there's a list of commands in the Cbase peripherals menu that allows custom key assignments. Take a close look at that list to see if the edit/mix functions are included.

Thanks, i found it under one of the edit tabs that you use when setting up the keys, thanks

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