Fader problem DM-4800


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Jan 10, 2013
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Hi all,
I just discovered a strange fader behavior. It's the fader on channel 18. If I go to the METER/FADER page and select the MASTER M/F tab, I can see al my busses. If I press the BUSS 1-24 button, and move some faders, b.e. on channel 1 and 2 I can see the that the faders are moving on the DM-4800 LCD screen. But if I move fader 18, the fader on the screen won't move. However, if I use the cursor keys and select BUSS 17-20 and turn POD 2, the fader on the screen is moving, and also the real channel fader. This also happens in Cubase 7. if I move fader 18 in the Cubase mixer, the real fader is moving in REMOTE mode, but if I move the real fader, nothing happens in the Cubase mixer. It seems that the channel 18 fader won't send any data, but receiving data is ok. Any options or ideas?


Fader Problem DM-4800 (continued)

Hi all, I just started the diag mode, and indeed, fader 18 has a problem. All faders in the fader test went to a value of 1023, and fader 18 does nothing, just stays on 0. is it really broken or could it be a connection problem inside?


It can be one of:
1. The fader is broken
2. There is bad connection/solder inside
3. You need to adjust fader sensitivity setting (OPTION / SETUP)
Hi Jarno,
I already tested the fader sensitivity in the diag mode, no result, also the fader touch test failed, motor test went fine. Hmmm, little problem I think. I tried to find some info on the net for opening the DM-4800 just to see if something wrong with a connection, but I can't find any documentation about this. I also checked the service manuals from "muziekschuur".


have u tried using a cleaner/ lube
it can be bought at radio shack
Hi all,
Problem solved!
I send an email to a Dutch Tascam repair center, and they told me to remove the fader cap from the defective fader and move the fader without a cap and yes, it is sending data! So I placed the cap back and data is still send by the fader. So I think, because the faders are touch sensitive, the cap on fader 18 didn't make a good contact with the fader.



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