Fatal Error;


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Mar 2, 2013
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tascam dm24
tascam dm24 fatal error:
Check the voltages of you digital PSU.


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Just had the psu capped per the tascam PDF but I will check and see thanks.
would adding a computer fan to cool this and where would that be most advantageous?
The voltages indicated that tolerances should be?, And where are adjusted if necessary?
Thank you.
Solved on a friend's DM24.
The flash memories U6, U7 and U31 need to be changed.
They have been written more than the ~100 000 times and they got corrupted.

That's why you must not proceed to FLASH INFORMATION CLEAR on the diag mode... you reset the write counter and you will not be notified of the flash memory end of life.
Al igual tuve un error fatal, pero se debio a qué no había terminado el proceso de actualización! Si ese el caso, termina el proceso y desaparecen los errores,

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