Few issues i've had US1800/US1640


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Nov 11, 2014
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Sorry if this is in the wrong section i had a look and wasn't sure where the US1800 section is!

I own a US1800 and it's worked fine (few strange glitches here n there but mostly ok), i've recently moved onto Yosemite - before realising the only features i wanted out of Yosemite don't work unless you have a new mac!!

...Anyway i didn't think about driver issues for my interface as i wasn't using it much, just for playback through my speakers or recording the occasional guitar since updating to Yosemite. I've recently acquired space in a studio to set up my kit and mic it up and i think this is possibly the first time in a couple years i've ran the drum mics through it, when i first plugged it in it knew it was plugged in but was getting no input in logic pro x (think it was on Bit Accurate at the time) so i went into logic pro 9 and it was making a pop/click sound every second and when i played back the audio in logic it did the same as if it was lagging like staggered playing, i tried in both bit accurate and core audio. At one point it was coming through in core audio but the levels seemed to be real hot in logic yet fine on the interface also had latency i couldn't get rid of.

Tried again yesterday and it was kind of ok but still a very slight latency (i had adjusted buffer size etc.) enough to be a bit annoying, i'm assuming all this is down the driver issues as there currently isn't an update for Yosemite? when will the Yosemite updates be out? more specifically for the interface i'm using.

*side question... before the US1800 i had a US1640 and had a quite serious problem that when playing or recording drums the levels would every now n then jump up on every channel and get stuck in the red making the most ear piercing screech sound until you turned it off, i use in ear monitors so this was deafeningly loud and was since worried about damaging my ears - i was lucky i pulled them out the headphone out the instant it happened. i then played around trying to re create it and could usually get it to happen by doing a loud rim shot even if i turned the levels down on the interface. i bought it second hand from a sound engineer so i went back to him and he couldn't figure out what was doing it even when i recreated it in his studio with his mics on the kit. as i knew him he gave me my money back n i went n bought a new US1800, so my question is does anyone know what it could have been is it a known or one-off problem? just dont want it to happen again as that noise worse horrible and could definitely damage my ear drums.

Sorry that was rather long...

Thanks in advance if anyone could help!

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