FireWire Card Question


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Sep 25, 2012
First and Foremost. Welcome back on-line. I have a simple question (I think) but I just can not figure it out.

Set-up: Board: DM-4800; Computer: RAIN ION;DAW: Sonar X1;Interface: IFFWDM

Issue: My Configuration to record and playback music works perfectly; However, I am not able to route the RAIN Internal sounds to the board. I am not able to play audio files via the system. Any suggestions?

Thank you
Are you speaking about the computer sounds itself? Like playing something from youtube and hearing it through the board?
Then you should use the wdm drivers and set them up in the windows system to use the IFFWDM wdm driver..
What I do is come out of my Mac and PC via spdif or toslink to a digital converter/patch bay that lets me select the computer and then route that to the spdif in of the DM. If you are running just a single comp and its spdif then you can go directly to the DM digital ins...just bring up the assigned faders and your good. IF you don't have a switcher box you can find the old M-Audio "audio buddy" that converts optical to spdif coax. I've never tried the WDM drivers but that's even easier if it dosn't conflict with your normal FW drivers.


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