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Oct 4, 2012
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Hey everyone....I guess we're back...but the work has JUST begun......

I say that before we start posting away, that maybe we make sure there is a backup to this. I started an SX-1 page on would be great for everyone to get on there as well.

Secondly, I hope that we share with each other, email or facebook page info as that in a pinch we can get info or help.

Lastly.....Whomever ressurrected this....THANK YOU.

What happened?
Merlin, don't forget that you created a facebook page for the SX1
i meant a facebook address, or link. sometimes pages get lost in the search
October 2011 Dr Who passed away. In around januari the provider pulled the plug. The family did not let anyone transfer the data from the server. So this is now lost. We have a new owner who bought Tascamforums from brokers. So he paid quite a lot. So now we have some advertizements to make some money to pay the expenses and to recuperate what was spend.

I hope to upload some of the content that was lost and to regain the facilities we build..
THat's what I thought.....Sorry to hear.

Glad that people took on the effort to bring back.

WIll there be any "fund drives" to help with the bills?
That whole industry of buying and selling website names is ridiculous. The thought of being forced to buy your own name from some profiteer just sucks.

Dr.Who will be missed.

I have some pages of the old forum that I printed out on some subjects. I can scan them and repost.

And yes I'm glad to donate again to help out if required.
It's a shame how Bruce's (DrWho's) family treated his legacy: They collected the registration fees (remarkable sum of money ... I know ... I did my homework before offering to buy old Tascamforums from Bruce, when he announced he may not be able to keep the site much longer), but didn't handle a simple domain registration renewal, even though they were warned about expiration of the domain name.

And now they are refusing to share the old forum data (content generated by US, not by them). SHAME SHAME SHAME!
I too will gladly donate to help keep this going. I have some of the PDF's that I downloaded from the old site, I will make a list and post it. I can send them to whomever wants them.

Thank you everyone for all the messages offering help. At this point, there are no plans to charge membership fees. I am focusing on restoring as much content as possible and tweaking the site's code to improve usability. The server's running well, and we are in good shape to welcome all the returning members. Word of mouth seems to be spreading quickly, which is great news for the forum.
I also have some saved material, including a few of the old saved thread pages. I used to save some of the pages for offline reference, as I was on dial-up (due to my remote location) the entire time I was on the old forum.

First good thing I ever thought of about being on dial-up.


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