From finished recording to pre-master on 788


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Nov 8, 2012
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OK - ok ... I'm a newbee ... but not to music or song-writing. I am having a terrible time moving from recording completed to PRE-MASTERING (and of course I've RTFM)

I just don't get what I'm doing wrong ... I've recorded on all 3 pairs of tracks (1-6) as well as the stereo pair (7-8). Then I punched TRACK CUE and used the faders and the pans to complete the piece. I mark my in and out points and save it all. Then open it back up - go to SONG - CD WRITER - PRE MASTERING ... hit record and play - and wait for it to encode in real time.

I back out of PRE-MASTERING then go to SONG - CD WRITER - CHECK MASTER ... and nothinbg.

PLEASE help.


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Hi, its been a while since I had my 788, a long while. But I had a quick look at the manual again and wondered if you tried monitoring your Pre-master from the Stereo option as I'm sure thats the bus that is going to the HD for recording. Also make sure you have the output set to Stereo - check the stereo bus, pg 47 of the manual.
Like I said its been a very long time siince I used my 788, but it sounds like your signal chain isnt going to the right place - eg, the stereo bus, to get your Pre-master recorded

Good luck
Thanks a ton ZEKE ... that may be what I was doing wrong. At any rate -- I'M PRE-MASTERING!

my thanks,


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