Fs lights flashing after error message


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Oct 14, 2012
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DM 4800
Hey all, an update on this issue: all drivers and firmware are up to date for 4800 and mkii card. Running cubase 6, Mac Pro 8 core with dedicated fw 400 card (can't remember name and model but it is widely used for this, I'll check back with info). So error message I receive: the audio device is not working properly, all audio stopped. Please contact tascam service. The Fs lights start blinking and there is no audio anymore. In fw panel, no dropouts. In digital menu on board, card is locked. Anyone know what is going on? Thank you
Figured it out. My pci express card I installed proved glitchy. I ended up using a fw 800 to 400 cable and plugged it right in the avaliable fw port on the Mac Pro. Works like a charm.

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