FTP Transfers - How to?


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Sep 28, 2013
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I'm trying to transfers files to/from the MX2424 from my Mac running Mountain Lion using ftp (so I can't use the tascam programs as they won't install in mountain lion). I have the mx2424 connected to the mac with a crossover cable. I have the mx2424 ip set to, subnet and ip gateway I'm using Filezilla to try to connect but it won't connect. Any suggestions? Numerous posts on the web suggest this can work, but I can't find any specific instructions.
I don't think you can without mxview, the only thing I can think of is to buy a cheap old computer with an older operating system, install mxview, copy the files to the old computer and use mxview to copy them to mx2424.
I also think that you will need another old computer to make this work, I have had success in getting MXview to work on newer versions of windows (was designed for 95/98) but most mac users haver reported no joy with later mac os.

If you have windows running on your mac in parallels, you have be able to get the windows version to work?


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