FW-1082 misbehaving in Logic


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Nov 8, 2012
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fw-1082 dr-100
Hello all,

Having a few teething problems with my 1082 in Logic on a Macbook. Was pretty damn chuffed when I managed to get it working at all recently when I upgraded to Snow Leopard but there's a couple of things that aren't quite right...

Input is working fine and other control bits seem to be also (tracking wheel, transport bar, buttons etc), but there's something a little odd with the faders and how they are assigned to the Logic mixer.

Fader 1 (1082) controls fader 1 (logic) and that's all good, but fader 2 (1082) controls the Output fader in Logic and both fader 3 and the master fader on the Tascam control the master fader in Logic. Both faders 3 + master seem to be linked on the tascam and mirror each others movements.

It may be a simple fix but I'm a bit fresh faced with the 1082 on Logic and thought wisdom here may prevail...

It's running on 1082 native mode, have tried the others but they don't seem to talk to it at all including the mackie emulation mode which I had heard was the one to go for.

Any advice gratefully received!

Delete the preferences for the controller in your mac: The file is located in: Users/YourName/Library/Preferences It starts with com.apple.Logic and ends with .cs.
Thanks, that's definitely the best I've had it, all faders seem to correspond with Logic. Only problem I've got now is fader 5 seems to be controlling the output...

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