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Nov 23, 2012
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FW-1884 VL-A5 Monitors LF-S8
I've had my FW-1884 for a few years now and love it, but lately, I been having an issue with the FW-1884 losing communication with my Win 7 PC (64 bit) The firewire light remains on and solid, yet there is no communication between the 2. It might go 2 hours or 24 hours, but eventually communication is lost and I have to reboot.

Any thoughts?
I'm with you on the possibility of a bad cable. Yesterday I hooked up my Win 7 laptop to the FW-1884 and it ran all day and all through the night without losing communication but I had to use a different cable cause my laptop requires a small connector on one end. Crazy thing is, early this morning I hooked the desktop back up and it has been running flawlessly all day.......... I think I have a ghost
+1 on the cable and the TI chipset card.

I also think the firewire jacks tend to get a little bent and enlarged over time. Mine works its way loose twice a year. Also, when you're testing, never attempt plugging in firewire hot, even if you are supposed to be able to do so. Turn off the equipment first before changing or plugging in cables.

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