fw 1884 ..win7 machine won't recognize Tascam


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Dec 27, 2012
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fw 1884 dr 40
My old Gigabyte board with onboard Firewire died 6mos or so back. Replaced it with a ASRock G41C and installed an Iocrest PCI-e controller card. This card has the TI chipset and after installing I changed the driver to legacy.

I loaded the the 1.80 driver and when I turn on the computer and then the Tascam, windows doesn't find the recorder. I checked the card with an older firewire video camera and it recognizes that just fine.

Anyone have any suggestions to try or recommend an add-on card that is known to work. thanks
Update...finally got the 1884 recognized but now I can only get half the midi controls to work. The master fader and playback controls work but the channel faders don't. Using this with Cubase 5 and from what I remember i want to set the device to Mackie Control and set the driver control panel protocol to FW-1884 native...does that sound right. This whole system has been out of commission so long I don't remember how I had it set up before. thanks for any help
So it turns out i had a dodgy hard drive...new one fixed all the problems and I'm good to go again..

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