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Oct 19, 2012
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hello all,

This is driving me Batty, In different songs which I save as snapshots. I keep losing the ability to return on stereo 1 of the FW card, it will assign in Sonar , everything is set correctly on the DM, yet no sound, if I assign to a different channel everything is fine and I hear the track, now, Ive opened a song which had the snare routed to the right #5 return which worked fine the day before , and now doesnt !!! again if I reroute it to a different FW channel it plays ??? very random and seems to be happening more often , Help !!! My only thought so far has been to reinstall the FW card drivers, ??? thanks Jim
Be sure to check your STEREO BUS assignment. This is the button on the upper left hand side - situated in the Bus panel. Select the channel module; if the Stereo light isn't on, hit that switch. It should then be immediately audible in the stereo bus - assuming there's sufficient level.

Even if this isn't the problem, a general rule of thumb: if you see signal on the errant channel's peak level meter (in the module view, MU1000 or TMCompanion meter bridge) and no sound is present, always check the Stereo Bus button. No light = no sound. :)

Hi Capt.

I agree, checked the stereo status. all is good on that front. but you brought up a point I forgot to mention. in that there is no signal level on the meters ??? So not sure where to go with this. of course I keep checking different things, but since it has happened now on another channel , im wondering if a driver reinstall might be worth a try. its very odd, any input is always welcomed though thanks

Before doing any re- installation, check your routing, double check your routing, then check it again. It's easy to overlook or forget a simple step.

When your forehead is nice and red from your having slapped it in a sudden epiphany, you'll understand. :)

Yeah I've experienced red forehead syndrome a few times so far, but I must say I've come along way !!! with that said I have checked the routing , but I will again double check it, Im pretty sure it is fine, of course when I make changes to a particular snapshot there is a remote possibility something got changed, it started about 2 weeks ago when I couldnt get signal to channels 25 and 26 which had slot 1, channel 1 and 2 assigned respectively, now this weekend I had the same problem with channel 30 which has slot 1 channel 5, in Sonar this equates to the right channel 5 , not sure how familiar you are with Sonar X2, they assign all odd numbers , then use left and right , looks like left 1 right 1 and stereo 1, and so forth.
Then you win the Multiple-Self Slap Award Of The Week. :)

Seriously: snapshots are one of the finest file handling tools in the mixer. But (and don't ask me how I know this), unless you've specified how you want to import elements - ie: EQ Safe, DYNamics Safe, etc etc - your recalled file will obviously overwrite extant parameters. Often you don't realize it immediately, then after an hour of annoying confusion, it dawns on you.

A good reason to keep a 'Master Snapshot' to be recalled just in case. :)


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