FW1082 flashing firewire and stop,all lights on.Urgent


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Aug 21, 2013
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Hello everyone;
I have been using my fw1082 ffor a long time without any problem;
But today i refigured my working are and changed the cables;
when i started my system,FW's all lights are on,and flashing firewire light and also Stop buttons light.
I unplugged all cables,except power cable :) , it's same :(
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dvBwhMsPjk Same as this video
Please i need help,it's urgent.
hi Tom, i have a 1082 problem and hope you can help me. i use my unit maybe one year and it worked fine. The last few times when i started it, it did not start right away ,and when it did the complete set of lights was on longer as normal.

In the last week, it was taking longer and longer before the Tascam started and, today, the only light to start was the "Stop" button... and not more. No more light on the computer button or elsewhere, whether i have the fire wire cable plugged in it or not.

looking forward to hear from you. Peace
This may not be an answer to the exact issues asked about. But the issue of "all lights on" caught my attention to this old thread.

I had bought a used Tascam FW-1884 after using a FW-1082. I installed the exact same 1.8 driver that I was using with my FW-1082. Not only would it not work, but all lights of my FW-1884 were coming on, and my firewire LED would flash, WTF!
It turned out that I needed to download a 1.8 driver specifically for the FW-1884. I had assumed ALL 1.8 Tascam drivers were the same, NOT! Anyway, after I had the actual 1.8 driver specific to the FW-1884, all was fine, no more having all lights lit up, no more flashing firewire LED, and the 1884 now works fine with Cubase 8.5 Pro running Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

If nothing else, if one gets the 'all lights on thing' maybe try reinstalling your Tascam driver, or even re-download to be certain you've got the correct 1.8 driver for your particular FW series.

Of course don't forget the usual recommended stuff, a FW card with a Texas instruments (TI) chip, selecting "Lagacy" as your driver within Windows Devices for your computers firewire card itself etc. Make sure you're using a 6-wire to 6-wire firewire cable & connections at both ends for best results. Although 6-wire to 4-wire connections can work it's a crap shoot trust me!
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