fw1884 doesn't work with cubase 7 win7.please somebody help


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Aug 29, 2013
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I'm new here and I have a question.
My fw1884 doesn't work with my cubase7(win7 64bit)
Is anyone here who can use perfectly fw1884 with cubase7 win7?
My PC recognize fw1884,and I can hear the sound,but motor fader doesn't move,play botton also doesn't work.

I think this means cubase doesn't recognize fw1884.
What should I do?
A few years ago when I used this gear with cubase sx(Mac 10.5),I could use it perfectly.

Is it impossible now with cubase7?
Re: fw1884 doesn't work with cubase 7 win7.please somebody h

I use Cubase 6 64 bit with Windows 64 bit and its been ok for a copule of years with my FW 1884 and FE8.

If you are hearing audio then your firewire interface must be ok so there has to be a problem with your Control Ptotocol setup.

In the FW 1884 control Panel, you need to Select Cubase SX/Nuendo protocol. Try that.

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