Getting data out of Tascam 788...possible new ways

Discussion in '788 Digital Portastudio' started by Nicolas Ruiz, Apr 1, 2017.

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    May 2014
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    Really have not used my 788 need to update the EEPROM to 2.02 but the unit has an impressive potential to be used as an 8 channel live mixer with effects 6 channel 24/96 digital recorder and also a stand alone portastudio. As such I will leave some ideas to be considered of how to get data out to a compu for Mixing etc

    1) IDE Hard drive to SD card adaptor will put the Tascam propietary coded info into the SD card instead of the HDD. Will need Tascam to release their propietary code so a program can be made so the compu can read the info coded in the SD card and convert it into WAV etc files. Roland has a similar set up for some of their Portastudios!!

    2) SCSI to SD card adaptor taking the place of the recomended CD drive/ recorder. The EEFROM 2.02 allows multichannel WAV files to be burned into CDs. Possibly the same multichannel WAV file info can be placed into the SD cards and then read in PCs. Worth trying it out after more investigation of the compatibility of the 788 SCSI to SCSI to SD adapters.

    First things first need the EEPROM 2.02 to get going.