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Aug 31, 2014
Youngstown, Ohio
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Hey everyone,
Was great to find this site back up & running. Not sure what's up with the original site -- noticed yesterday it's up and running again. Tried logging in with my old ID & password, but it wouldn't take. Anyway, it good to be here and looking forward to getting help when I need it and helping others when I can.

Started with guitar, bass & vocals in the late 60's when life was fun. In a band for a few years in Detroit, but we split up in '70. After drifting away for a number of years by the distraction of living and chasing paychecks, I found myself drawn back to playing & song-writing about ten years ago, which led to building myself a studio in an unused room at the back of the house. So far I've been playing all tracks myself, overdubbing, but I've recently met a couple other people I'm hoping to take in when I start my 3rd CD -- one a female vocalist, the other a pretty decent lead player. So far I've been doing all the guitar, bass, keyboards, synth, and vocals myself and I'm a master of none, so I'm looking forward to relieving myself of some of it.

My studio is centered around a modded NEO and a rack of outboard effects. I use Cubase sometimes for special situations and a computer is part of my rig, but I can't work exclusively that way. I like the analog edge I can get from the Neo because of how nicely it plays with my outboard gear, which I much prefer to VST's. Plus I just like handling the hardware. I started with hardware and I tend to get set in my ways once I learn & develop a certain way of doing things. I've learned a lot of little tricks on the Neo and I can do just about anything I want on that machine, so I see no reason to change.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello; see you in the forums.
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Rand, thank you for sharing your story, and welcome back.

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