Guitar effect pedals for the 2488


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Jul 30, 2013
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What kind of effect pedals do you use?
Where do you prefer to connect them?
I use a Zoom G2 multi effects in the input line (between the instrument and the recorder) as being familiar with getting the best out of these is crucial I don't have to muck around for hours with something else - I already know the best settings. Not saying Zoom is the best I just like the OP amps in that model for what i do. You need good quality 'wall warts/power supplies' for this to work quietly.
Are you using it like a preamp or just using the effects? What effects are you using from zoom?
My use is pretty specific. I record pedal steel guitar for parts to be sent to a studio for jingles and various artists so it has to be ultra 'clean' and high quality. I use a chain like this: Guitar to Sarno Black Box (valve loaded impedance matcher) to volume pedal to Zoom effects to Gallien Krueger MB200 (class "D" bass) amp *. I then tap the speaker line (amplified signal) to a Radial DI box (which has a -30db switch to drop the signal strength if required and a phase switch on it if that is needed) and on to the recorder normal channel (not guitar).
or *. Straight from the line out on the MB200 to the recorder - both work really well and are quiet (no hum or noise) just need a different monitoring system for each - using the amp with the tapping is the easiest and is more muso friendly as you hear what you are used to getting on stage etc.
So the effects are simply for that - not as a pre-amp.
Wow, great! I hope more people post their connections and findings. Coming from mf-p01, it's pretty quiet for me. Still working on training my ear on what to look out for and spot problems. Thanks!
I have a few outboard effects. I tend to plug my guitar into the front guitar plug and send a signal via the effects send to whatever I am using and then to another track (or 2 tracks) I like this as I often record the "dry" guitar signal as well as the effected one. Then as I add more tracks I can change then effects if needed. For example if the reverb on the original effected signal starts to sound too much as I layer the song I can go back and turn it down and still use the guitar I originally recorded without having to replay it. I do the same for vocals as well.

I use a patchbay and everything is connected to that and then all I have to do is choose what I want and where it should go.

I gotta try this technique. Thanks for sharing. Gonna put that patchbay on my list, clean up my black spaghetti mess.

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