Headphone amp and TB signal


Oct 5, 2012
Gear owned
dm 4800
hello, yesterday i was a bit bored so i wanted to try something.

I have a 15cm speaker cone, that I sometime use as a subkick mic, unsoldered the xlr on the other end and soldered a 1/4 male stereo jack on it.

Than I plugged it in the headphone input of my behringer powerplay ha4700 and sent some music from aux1/2 , the volume was a bit low even when in peaks, but was hearable (like from a mobilephone). Than I pressed the to slate button to see if it works like a TB speaker.

The led indicators on the HP amp was almost at red when i was talking but my gf said she could barely hear my voice, and that its a lot lower in volume than the music played before.
So where the catch?

now it works, seems I was sending only aux1, now I stereo linked aux1-2 and the signal is fine...
would be nice I can talk to all musicians in the room at the same time without them using headphones...

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