Hello all, MTC, Sonar X2,DM4800


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Oct 19, 2012
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DM 4800

Wanted to start off by saying how helpful this forum has been, and my appreciation for all the help in the past. Thanks , I am having an issue with timecode and the meter bar on my DM4800, I a, running Sonar X2 with windows 7, I can get Sonar to send MTC to the meter bar but I notice it loses sync and is never really locked to Sonar. also when I do have it on the individual meters freeze momentarely and the faders are slow to control sonar . just basically seems like the Timecode is slowing down the DM and not locking correctly. Ive had it setup before and it worked beautifully, but I was messing with some settings and now this ?? anyone run into this particular problem ?? thanks
Try increasing value of 'FLYWHEEL' parameter on DM's AUTOMATION/AUTO SETUP screen. If this doesn't help, turn OFF DM's automation engine (same screen).

I had this problem with my old PC and never got MTC working without turning DM's automation off. My new PC has no problems with this, which suggest this may be a problem with certain USB chipsets.

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