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Jun 6, 2014
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Hi, I just joined today. I don`t have my DM 3200 yet but will be ordering one in a few weeks. Right now I'm using Sonar, and Sibelius with a Motu 2408 with TDIFFs going into two DA 38's and all analogue's into a berhinger MX 8000 24/48 mixer.

I've been using them for at least 10 years and love how they sound. I just moved and the thought of rewiring 5 synths and 48 I\O's back to an analogue made me realize that the time has come. I have all my equipment on craigs and will upgrade real soon.

Glad to be here,
Thanks, Steve
Welcome Steve...this is a great forum. Many of us have been DM owners and constant forum posters for years. It's a great little community and one of the best forums I have been on.
When you first get your 3200, it will seem pretty daunting. There is a pretty good learning curve with these things, but once you get the feel for the routing possibilities and setup, you will love the flexibility.
There have been many great posts here that will probably answer almost all of your questions, so really use that forum search function. Routing issues will probably be your first set of questions. If you cant find your answer, then feel free to ask it here.
It will get answered pretty quick.
There are a few here, including myself, that also have a 2408. I have the MK3 and I keep it wired up using ADAT, at 88.2Khz. If you have kept your 2408, and you still want to use it, keep your TDIF cables and you can hook it into your DM for full 24 channel use.
Welcome to the forums, Steve.
BTW, I'm Steve too...
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An oldie but a goodie....the old routing zen thread. OOHHHMMMmmmmm.....
Yet another DM user (raising the good ol toast glass again) Here's to many hits and much success with your 32 Steve!!
Welcome, Steve! Lots of DM 3200 users here. Be sure to check out our Shop section when it's time to your unit! :)

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