Hello from and old newbie


Feb 9, 2013
Gear owned
I'm an "old" newbie ... meaning that I used to moderate on the ooooold forums way back when before it all went to hell (and pay). Good to see some old faces around here. Still kicking things out with my DM24 after all these years.

So hello to all from an old-timer newbie in Canuckland :)
Welcome again. Is this a subtle offer to volunteer moderating once more? :)
Nooooooo ... thanks but no thanks. Don't have the time for that stuff these days.
And I'm back once again ... with new (to me) gear. The DM24 is going on the chopping block as soon as I get around to posting it on a local site to sell ... and I picked up a DM-3200. So far so good, very nice upgrade to the old DM24! :)

If you're really in need of mods again DJ X I could probably help out but it seems like things here are fairly civilized these days and I probably won't be writing any new howto docs on this console for some time yet so don't know what kind of use I would be to you ;)
Thanks for the offer, Gerk. Will make a note for the future.

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