Hello from Malaysia!


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Jun 27, 2013
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Hello folks!

I'm very happy to be here, hope to learn new things as time goes by.

Glad to be a part of this.
Nice to see someone from beautiful country of Malaysia here. One of my favourite places, despite once almost getting arrested by military police there.
DJ X said:
Quite funny incident actually.

I was on the business trip in Malaysia doing a geographical site-survey ... days and days of photographing and making notes ... etc. Now ... our local agent had heard that one branch of Malaysian defence forces might be interested on my company's products and arranged a meeting. After the meeting I spotted something I thought cold be essential to our survey ... took my camera and click... A BAD MOVE ... photographing inside the military zone!!

Immediately one MP came up and started shouting at me (didn't understand a word ... don't speak Bahasa Melay) behaving quite agressively. Fortunately our agent (a former military guy, and who knows what else ... his position in society is something it really shouldn't be) took control an shouted back to the MP (still didn't understand the word about what was said). The MP walked away and looked like he would want to kill us. We walked to our car and drove away.
So for all we know, you could have started a small war there and left.

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