HELP PLEASE! Running DM 3200 with Logic Pro X

Antoinne Jackson

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Feb 13, 2015
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DM 3200
Hello I am having the WORST time syncing my DM 3200 using Logic Pro X. I looked literally everywhere for details. Not too many people have knowledge of the Mixer. I called the pro audio section of guitar center and they had no clue as to how to piece the two together. One worker told me to download a driver in which I did that and still it did not work. I am running out of options and before I result to selling it I want to learn this board so I can use it! It's much needed so if anyone knows anything about syncing this 3200 with Logic Pro X , please help.
Maybe I am not understanding the language lol but it's killing me. I tried to do what pure saying and it synced but partially. I still can't control it from logic. Actually, when I use the faders on logic the DM 3200 sliders wove but it's supposed to work the opposite way. When I move the sliders on the Tascam it doesn't move the faders on logic. I'm lost lol.
Sounds like you misinterpreted the doc that was referenced above. Go back and re-read as many times as it takes to understand it. It should work with those instructions.

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