Help! Terrible phase issues with Stereo Buss on Assignable Inserts


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Jun 24, 2024
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TM-D8000, DM-24, MS-16
Looking for help here. Version 2.1

--------I set up STEREO L/R to Assignable Send 1 and 2 and turn it on
--------the two sides now sound out of phase, no matter what device I send them to.
--------The sound is the two sides out of phase, i.e. some small delay has PERHAPS been
introduced on one side?
--------I've tried different combinations of patch cables, TS out/TRS in, etc. Nothing helps.
--------I've made sure there are NO DELAYS dialed into any channel.

---------All this used to work perfectly w/o any phase issues with my TM-D8000 Insert matrix
Ok, solved. The problem is in the Assignable Returns.
I had to turn OFF (in ASSIGN) the routing to ST-L/ST-R of the Assignable Return
pair I used. Also, don't send these Returns to any channel.

Anyway, this is counter-intuitive to the method of Assignable Send/Return,
and nothing is mentioned in any manual
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Thanks for posting the followup!

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