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Jan 13, 2014
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Hello All - I am new to Tascam Forums, and hopefully new to a DM-3200. I have downloaded and read many of the manuals and searched the web for info. However, I can not find a good explanation of how the remote fader layer "lines-up" with the DAW faders. Most DAW controllers have a "Bank" or "Channel>" button. Could someone explain how I would control my DAW fader/track 17 with only 16 faders on the DM3200? I don't see any type of Remote Layer 1, Remote Layer 2, or Bank type of button.

To be clear, I am looking very hard at purchasing the 3200, but I still need some questions answered and I hope someone here could help.

Thank you
On the right side of the DM is the automation section. There is a BANK button there. When you are in REMOTE mode, and your DAW has more than 16 tracks, you can hit the "BANK >" button and that will shift all the DM channels to the left by eight. Its a bit hard to explain, but, if you wanted to adjust DAW track 17, you would just hit the BANK> button once, effectively moving all of the DMs channels to the left by 8, as if the first eight are now off of the board (and to the left of the mixer). So, now your DAW tracks 9-16 are controlled by DM channel 1-8, and DAW track 17-24, is now DM channel 9-16. Hit it again, and now DAW track 25-32 is DM channels 9-16..and so on. You can do this infinitely until you run out of DAW tracks, or at least you can in Reaper. The DAW tracks may or not visually move with your bank changes unless you actually hit the corresponding DM's channel SEL button. I think that depends on the DAW.
Ok - call me crazy, but I could have sworn the initial post had something about User Defined Layer in it - which is why I replied, but now I don't see it. So my reply looks stupid and has nothing to do with the response - SORRY!!

jamsire said:
Ok - call me crazy, but I could have sworn the initial post had something about User Defined Layer in it - which is why I replied, but now I don't see it. So my reply looks stupid and has nothing to do with the response - SORRY!!


You're excused, sir. :)

To the original question:

As Tascman indicated, the functionality or the Remote Layer - including the various keys in the Remote/Automation keypad, such as the 'Fader Bank' arrows - is DAW dependent. In otherwords, what might work in a particular fashion in Cubase, may not behave the same way in ProTools.

For example, the 'Locate' key functions alone in Cubase; if you wish to RTZ, you simply hit the leftward pointing arrow when in the Remote Layer. However in Protools 9/10, the DM's CTRol key (located in the upper lefthandside of the console) must be simultaneously applied. That means you have to use TWO hands to execute the command, a fact not always mentioned in the User Manuals. This also applies to the Fader Bank keys and several other functions too.

That's why many of us opt to use accessory controllers - such as the Tranzport - for repetetive tasks. They're often more effective and user friendly. Personally, I use both; one for editing and mixing; another for tracking.

Thanks for all of the responses. However, after I posted my question, I found a hi-res pic of the 3200 and zoomed in to see the Bank, Nudge,... buttons. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at the board, but never saw these controls, until AFTER I posted on this forum. It was a DUH! moment.

As I said, I am looking hard at this console. I have owned/used MCU Pro, Control 24, Avid Artist Series, Yamaha 01X, Soundcraft Si Expression, and many analog mixers. I keep coming back to the DM3200/4800 series and would like to know impressions from forum members. I have MOTU 24IO and DIGI 003 as my main interfaces. I guess one of my "concerns" was the lack of individual outs, e.g. if I wanted to do some analog summing. And how it was going to play with my DAWs. PT 10/11 and Cubase are my main DAWs, but I run Sonar, Reaper, FL, Abelton, and others as well.

Any feedback on the DM-3200 (and maybe comments on Tascam's improvement or lack of progress in customer support) could really help me decide on the purchase.

Thank you
Several of us long time DM users have posted messages about our experiences and opinions about the DM3200/4800 consoles. You might do a search here and check them out; several were in response to questions like yours.

Long story short, though, like others here, I started out in the analog world many [centuries?] ago, and in the past 15 years of DIY studio ownership, have gone through several platforms. These days, I'm MORE than pleased with the DM and PT10; the rig does exactly what I need for the work I do, I don't see myself jumping away from this system anytime soon - if ever. I just don't think there is - or will be - a better mixer/control surface with the power, flexibility, and sonic quality - at anywhere near the same price point. Furthermore, after 9 years, the DM series is still in production, and Tascam's technical teams have kept up with drivers and firmware throughout the litany of operating system changes.

As for Tascam's support, I've never had a problem, though I haven't needed to contact them more than a couple of times in 5 years. I think you'll find other folks here who've been happy with customer support, and yes - a few who haven't as well. Probably about the same ratio you might discover in any number of audio companies these days.


I own the Tascam DM3200 since 2009 and are very happy with this desk.
Mixed OTB till September last year, bought a mac (well....hack ;) ) and am very happy. My mixing is now primarly a mix between ITB and OTB, works all perfectly.
Interfaces, M-Audio ProFire 2626 and Motu 2408 is coming on its way.
No firewire card in my desk, it's filled up with 2x ADAT card for my Alesis HD24 recorder(s).

Mackie Control for Logic is superb, the onboard automation is superb.

Matrix routing, any input to any output, absolutely great.
You won't be sorry buying a Tascam desk. If you've got the money, go for the DM4800 instead of the DM3200. I should have done that ;)
Hi there fellow members, tracks are playing from the computer to the dm3200,but the tracks dont line up,like track 1 to 1 using presonus studio one pro.and on my in & out page the tracks dont line up because of the first two tracks being stereo which you cant im wondering how do i get the tracks to line doing the full 32 tracks.thanks for any info.
.... I don't know if there's a "real" solution to this, but here's my approach for PT and Reaper:
1/ Setup your DM templates for your 32 I/Os
2/ Setup some DAW templates mapped to the DM I/Os
e.g. in Reaper I created banks of 8 tracks / 16 tracks / 24 tracks / 32 tracks so I can add these modular groups that are pre-mapped to the DM
3/ Avoid moving tracks around or delete them in the DAW (disable them instead)
Thanks very much for the reply/info drumstick,i'll give that a shot.i think you're right might have to delete a track it is now because of the first two tracks in the daw being in stereo it throws the tracks off from lining up with each other i guess im the only one with this problem lol.exsample..track two plays on track two but i have to use fader three and pan knob to work with it.its weird lol.thanks again my friend.
With Ptools, you need to align your 'Mix' screen with your DM's remote screen. (Tip: if you've set up your Mackie control correctly, all you need to do is hit F7 (Edit) F8 (Mix) on the DM's Remote/Automation Keyboard. These are also labeled Mix/Edit, so you can toggle between those screens.)

Then, hold down the DM's Control Key, and using the DM's 'Bank Arrows,' push those arrow keys until the Mix screen's faders align with your DM's Remote Layer faders. Then, everything should be at hand and logical.

I hope this is what you're asking about. If not, it's still useful information if you're doing any ITB adjustments with Ptools.

Hi using presonus studio one pro v2.6.2,that part i have right..when i go to my daw's i/o page to make the in & outs,the first two tracks are made already for my/our monitors out right...well that throws everything off at least for me...i make 32 tracks mono right? Which you only really get 30 because the two return tracks right? Well for example track 3 is playing but i have to move fader number 4,track 4 is playing but i have to work on channel 5 etc..every track is off by one track
The only thing I can say for sure from what you describe above:

Yes - you need two stereo tracks for return to [DAW] for printing the mix.

Unfortunately I know less about Studio one Pro V2.6.2 than I know about where the Malaysian aircraft is. Which is to say - pretty much nothing.


Lol no problem cap i'll figure it out sooner or know how we just stumble across something one day like....oh,thats how you do that! Thanks anyway my friend
Interesting - my students did the OTB - ITB mix today in PTLE8 through the Soundcraft Ghost analog console. Took em' a while, but they did it.
PTLE8? Were you punishing them for something? I mean - that's kind of harsh, don'tcha think? (rimshot) :p

Seriously, what was the mix workflow - PT through Soundcraft, converted back to [DAW/Device}? Or some other way? And how did it sound to your ears compared to the native PT mix (assuming you had it to compare to)?


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