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Oct 2, 2012
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I don't know what this guy is going to tell you for $50, but for the adventurous, you can start by looking for MG3224C3-SBF on eBay. That is a compatible LCD panel, but it needs the cable swapping for a connector, and you may need to swap a resistor on the contrast knob PCB to get the contrast right.

I might give someone 50 bucks to fix the line-y spare screen I took out of my DM. But to pay someone for a list of parts that will cost me another 70 dollars and then have him Skype me through the process of fixing it, using up my $90-an-hour time?

My Full Compass rep tells me I can still buy the Tascam-ready screen. I think I'll just get a spare and if I'm lucky and never need it, I'll sell it to another DM user.
I seem to be very lucky with my screens. My DM24 is 10 years old, still original screen without any line. And it's used a lot, still my main recording desk when I do location recordings.
My DM3200 is 4 years old and runs at least 4-6 hours a day, still original screen without lines :)
There is some misinformation on his Ebay site.Failure of the screen MAY be related to the power supply in the DM 24-But it's not mounted "under the screen". The 3200/4800 has a much smaller switcher that runs cool and also not "mounted under the screen". It's more the intrinsic design of the display-which Tascam didn't design-it is a third party OEM supplied part.
He isn't far from me and I contacted him to fix some other gear I have. He's coming Friday so I will vet him on the DM3200/DM24 stuff and let you all know. :)
Back in the early 2000s, I saw the signature pad thingys at the US post office often had the same kinds of lines in them, same blue/white LCD. Those had enclosed cases, so I think that any amount of trapped heat was enough to loosen the glue holding the side drive signals.

cmaffia said:
He isn't far from me and I contacted him to fix some other gear I have. He's coming Friday so I will vet him on the DM3200/DM24 stuff and let you all know. :)

Keep us updated and thanks.
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Update. Although he seems like a nice guy, when I spoke to him I changed my mind in using his services......I mentioned this site in the conversation and now he's advertising all over it pretending he is a happy 3rd party. My apologies Admin and friends. :confused:
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FWIW.... I went on a long hunt for a replacement screen, all over the internet. I wanted to avoid the $200 screen Tascam was selling in favor of a cheaper part (or normal amount of money for the same part) . I bought two displays that I thought were close, but in the end, I broke down and bought Tascam's LCD display AND the 2seemy card. My unused displays now take up shelf space.

I found that no matter how close I was with the correct display type and size, non of them came with the ribbon cable socket in the back that would accept the 19mm, 14pin ribbon cable. If you see an LCD display with a short ribbon cable wrapped around it on the internet, don't bother buying it. It will not have the same socket that the Tascam part has, and, you can't find a female to female ribbon cable coupler that will match that ribbon size. That being said, I did not approach any company to make one. Instead, I just got tired of searching and bought the Tascam part, which went right in and worked perfectly, as does the 2seemy.
rbrezins said:
I seem to be very lucky with my screens. My DM24 is 10 years old, still original screen without any line. And it's used a lot, still my main recording desk when I do location recordings.
My DM3200 is 4 years old and runs at least 4-6 hours a day, still original screen without lines :)

I can report that the screen I installed in my DM-3200 (a Tascam OEM part) has already lasted much longer than the original did. I have a spare on order, but am hoping (as I mentioned above) that I never need it.

Luck with one screen over another may have something to do with manufacturing variances in the screen itself (more glue vs. less glue), or it may have something to do with what temp extremes the console was exposed to during shipping and warehousing (which would vary from month to month).
BTW, FYI, etc....

While the Tascam Store has shown the Tascam OEM LCD screen for various DM consoles as "backordered" for a long, long time, I asked my trusty Full Compass rep if she could still get me one. She said she could, would special order it and ding my VISA when the part actually shipped from Full Compass.

That was about a month ago IIRC, and the part shipped last night and will be delivered today. Still shown as backordered at Tascam.

So, while it might take some special-order waiting, you can still get this part through online retailers that carry them. The only one I know of is Full Compass, but you might ask your favorite salesperson if they can get you one. They might be able to ship to Canada and elsewhere.

Like I said, the first replacement I installed is running perfectly, but I wanted to keep a spare on the shelf to future-proof the board a little bit. If anybody wants the original - which had developed 10 or 15 lines before I pulled it - with an eye toward attempting a repair, let me know and you can have it for the cost of shipping.
Just to expand....Although the Tascam site says "backordered" don't believe it. Just call Tascam Parts at (323) 727-4840, and they will send one out right away. I got mine in two days, with 2day shipping tacked on.
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That's good news!

But if you're looking for out-of-the-US shipping, you might try your Friendly Neighborhood Pro Audio Salesguy.
This may be the wrong (or right) forum but I need to warn people about Marc Yao aka jesusforyou718 who is selling replacement screens for the Tascam boards on e-bay! HE'S THE SAME GUY CMAFFIA TALKS ABOUT IN THIS THREAD!! He ONLY is able to test them on the DM24 board as he does not own or have access to the DM3200 or the DM4800. We bought a screen from him and it FRIED the motherboard! First off his packing of the screen was minimal so the screen came damaged, he did NOT include any handling/installation instructions. We asked him several times to send instructions and did not receive ANYTHING from him. He only offered phone support when we were ready to install but that was a joke coordinating with him if you live in a different time zone from him. When we finally did get a hold of him and installed it according to his guidance on how to install it, the LCD did not work. Not only did it not work but our board started behaving weird. Faders moving on their own as if it were in demo mode but since we could not see if it was or not we had no choice to take it to a Tascam repair center. We took it to TEAC in Montebello, CA along with his screen for diagnostic (as we were still hoping to install this "improved" screen we bought from him) and they said the motherboard was fried due to incorrect pin configuration on the LCD screen!! They said the ground was off by 180 degrees! Needless to say we are in the hole $1700 to get the new motherboard and a TASCAM approved screen put in. When I spoke to Marc he said he has sold many without complaints (except for his poor packaging of shipments) however we do not know if they were purchased for the DM24 or the others. He is only able to test on a DM24 which he admitted to me so perhaps the configuration is different on the other 2 boards? I don't really know but his little error has cost us a lot of money. Then I find he is on here trying to advertise himself and pretending to be someone else?! Be WARNED - DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!! He admitted he has another claim against him for shipment damage and his account is frozen $1200 on that claim so he cannot even refund our money at this time! Also, even though Tascam's website says they are on back order, it turns out that their repair center in Montebello. CA DOES have the screens and they don't know why it says they are on backorder on their online page.

I want to add that we shipped back the damaged screen to him AND the flex cable from the board per his request as he said he would put the cables together and all we would have to do is put the flex cable back. He shipped that to us along with a new 2nd screen since the first was damaged on the corner and had him ship back a new screen (we paid for priority overnight shipping to and from him since it took him months to get us the first screen). At any rate we tried this second screen and it was after this second screen that we had no hope of it working and that's when we took that new 2nd screen and the board to TEAC for diagnostic. We even gave Marc the tech's number at TEAC so he can talk to him since Marc could not believe this had happened. We have nothing to hide so we let him talk tech with the TEAC repair guys and they told him the ground was off on the screen he provided us with!!
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@DJ X it seems that my post has bothered you as you've removed them from the other threads and I'd like to know why? I am merely trying to help others by warning them of purchasing a replacement LCD by a third party who claims his screens on e-bay is a fix yet it has caused our board to fry. I have requested a written diagnostic report from Tascam which will clearly state what I am saying is true. I am not on here to speak of someone's reputation without experiencing it first hand... I am sorry that my multiple posts bother you but it seems unfair for someone else to have this happen to them, don't you think?
Because this site is not a dump for 8 copies of the same post to be peppered in every subforum. Duplicate text hurts our Google rankings, and one post is enough. End of story.
It was not about google ratings, it was about saving others from the huge out of pocket expense this replacement screen has caused and the damage it does due to improper wiring on Jesusforyou718's part. I only posted them in threads where the Tascam LCD was the topic of the thread as it seems that's where it belongs. I did not plaster it all over other threads that was off the topic of the LCD screen problems/fixes/solutions...I apologize for any grievances this may have caused you and your google ratings. - Best Regards.

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