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Jan 23, 2013
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My name is Lucky. I joined this Forum several years ago when it was run by Dr. Who who had a very serious accident & has passed away. RIP Dr. Who.

I didn't know about that until a few days ago.

This was a great Forum with many really cool Musicians & Guys with Recording knowledge.

I would never have figured out my 2488 without everyones help.

After this Forum disappeared I eventually moved on to Pro Tools 10 & have been recording in that realm. Which is great. But I still like the 2488 a lot. It is a great Portastudio.

I Write, Sing, Play & Produce. I play & record with with 3 Bands. We've recorded 3 Alt. Country Albums with The Larson Brothers Band. Just finishing an Adult Alt Rock Album with another band, "Analog Sky". Plus I'm working on 3 Solo EP Project's. Getting ready to record a Surf Instrumental EP by our other Band, "The Redondos".

Hope there are still bunch of us still here. Pop in & say Hi.


I'm glad that you joined the forum again, Lucky. It's good to have the guys who can continue some of the spirit of the old site.
Hi Lucky,
My nickname is Brownie and I write and record my own music on a Tascam DP24.
I like all kinds of music and it reflects in my writing.
Not sure if you mean 'oldie' as regards the original Tascam forum or 'oldie' as in retired or both. Whichever way, I am a retired oldie that would like to listen to some of your music and hopefully you might like to hear some of my music to give me some constructive comments , guidance etc. I would also be interested in what kind of gear you have, what kind of music that you like etc.
If you would be so kind as to reply, please send a private message, as the forum brings it to my attention by e-mail.
Also, if there are any other musicians interested in swapping musical ideas, please get in touch with Brownie.
Thanks. Oldie as in original Forum Member. I've never considered myself an Oldie but probably should. :D

You can view some of our Larson Brothers & Larson Brothers Band Albums at CDBaby.com, Soundclick.com, Amazon.com & ITunes.

I'll post a couple YouTubes with my other Computer as I haven't figured out how to do it with my IPad (Hint, anybody help me with that?)

Look forward to hearing your Music & anyone else who wants to share.



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