High-pass filtering on Neo?


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Feb 13, 2013
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I'm starting to get a little deeper into mixing (which, for me, means going beyond simple panning and volume).

Is there a way to do high-pass filtering directly on the Neo, or to most people export the tracks to things like Audacity for that?

I know I can select a frequency on the EQ and turn down the bass, but it doesn't seem to be as extreme in db reduction as what a high-pass filter would be from what I'm reading.
Hi jneau

I had exactly the same question. Having just completed a mixing masterclass at Alchemea in London (which I would highly recommend) I switched on my neo intending to clean out all the low end rumble - no access to any Filters.

Did you ever work it out?
Whilst the Neo is a fantastic peice of kit, I would think most people would either export their tracks to a PC or use an external FX unit to achieve what you are wanting.
I am rapidly reaching that conclusion myself. Is there an external filter unit you would use - I hasten not to say recommend, as that's probably not fair, but there is so much stuiff available and you may know what works with the 2488neo.
I use a couple of plugins from this company - Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series - cos they're free. I also use the EQ in Cubase and sometimes in Audacity if I EQ a file on the PC.

I have a 15 band stereo graphic EQ and a couple of mutli FX units that have EQing capabilities which I use. Plus the Neo's EQ. I have a couple of pre amps and mics that have a high pass switch on them which I will try and see what it sounds like.

If possible I try and get the sound I want going to disc so I dont have to EQ to much when mixing.


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